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No other brokerage agency does Benefit Education like

Who cares how ‘good’ your benefits package is if your employees don’t 100% understand the ‘what’s in it for them’? We curate open enrollment & new-hire education experiences that are centered around making sure every benefit eligible employee understands the value of the benefits package you spend so much time, money and effort to offer.


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We help them transform their benefits package into a benefits experience.

Not all heroes wear capes

Our favorite part of the first year working with a new client? Right after open enrollment. HR stands proud, owners’ eyes are wide open – both in total shock. Employee after employee approaches you after the open enrollment meeting and says: “THANK YOU.” Time and again. They see you as the hero. This was the first year they truly understood their benefits, valued them, and went home ‘happy’ to discuss insurance with their significant othe

A Solution That Delivers Results

Meet one of our newest heroes:  The HR and Owners at United Parachute Technologies (UPT).  They asked for our help after experiencing double-digit rate increases with no real solutions from their previous broker.  They ‘hoped’ we could help them get a slightly better increase than the 39% that had been ‘negotiated’ for them.  They NEVER expected what happened next.

“…I was absolutely shocked at what The Benefit Doctor did for us.  Not just for me, but for my employees.  They brought us a much better health plan, solved problems I didn’t know were even possible and then flew some of their top people into our office for the best open enrollment meetings we’ve EVER had.  To top it all off, they saved us over $297,000 this year alone.  I am still in absolute awe of the experience they gave us.

- Lynn T,


How did we do it? Just follow the money. Instead of us getting paid on your health insurance increase, we built our compensation model based on how well our strategy performs for you and your company. The better you do, the better we do.

The Benefit Doctor Difference

We’re not just brokers; we’re Benefit Doctors. Our process starts with a simple question: “What would make employees shout ‘THANK YOU?'” Then we follow our 5-step treatment protocol to cure the pain of employee benefits.


Start with the end in mind

Free 30-minute discovery meeting where we learn the EXACT reason you offer benefits, what you like and don’t like about your current plan design and open enrollment process. Our goal is to make sure we have a clear understanding of your priorities and build a custom BenDoc Blueprint that begins the success journey.


Crafting Your Custom Plan

Based on what we learn in our first meeting with you we get to work on the “Build” phase. We built you a custom BenDoc Blueprint designed to ensure you have the very best plan design possible for your specific demographic, needs and budget.

-BlueCross, United, Cigna, Aetna &/or more than 20+ local and regional health plans – We do that. 

Need simple, straightforward plans-
If you qualify for this type of plan design, our Blueprint is going to help in ways you didn’t know was possible.  We ensure you are controlling costs, mitigating claims exposure, assessing risk properly and most importantly:  Getting employee buy-in so they are EXCITED about their health plan and help them get the best care possible with as little noise as possible.

Self Funded or Level-Funded Plans-
No matter how simple or sophisticated of a build you want, we are the experts at designing not just the plan but how it will be implemented, educated and evaluated.

And of course – it’s called the BenDoc Blueprint for a reason.  It’s the perfect way to help your employees understand their benefits package with a level of simplicity yet effectiveness that often eludes most benefit packages & open enrollments.

The BenDoc Blueprint®

Foundation: Paycheck Protection Programs. Simply put - every employee cares about their paycheck. Make sure it’s protected with short and/or long term disability. Better yet, make sure the employee understands what that means & how it helps them.

Walls - Daily Basics / Needs. Every employee enjoys having good dental and vision benefits. Get them the best. There are so many amazing national carriers that didn’t exist a few years ago that are doing incredible work and programs to help employees with dental and vision needs. Another favorite ‘wall’: ask us about Blueberry Pediatrics® and how it helps young families.

Roof - Major Medical. What are the best possible major medical options we can find based on the way your benefits “house” has been designed? We look at your demographics, needs, desires, budget and will build roof options that are simply: the best.


Empower Through Knowledge

This is our superpower. There are some incredible brokers and agencies out there that build amazing health plans. But there is only one that educates employees in a simple, fun, informative way that leaves them feeling heard, appreciated and really valued.

To date, there are a few things we do that are so unique, our clients tell us they’ve never seen anything like it and have a new expectation of what is possible.

Pre-Open Enrollment:  Meet with the High-Utilizers

We meet with your most concerned, vocal employees that tend to have the most specific and unique questions in the weeks prior to the actual open enrollment.  We listen. We take notes. We answer questions. They feel heard, reassured and more confident about their benefits than ever before.

Open Enrollment Experience:

We work directly with HR and the benefits department to plan out the best open enrollment experience for your employees. WARNING: this will raise the bar of what future Open Enrollments should look like. Employees will leave the meeting with a completely different outlook and excitement from how they walked into the meeting.

Speak Their Language:  Figuratively and literally:

Figuratively, we remove all the insurance industry jargon that almost no one really understands. Our entire education team is focused on making insurance so easy to understand it’s almost impossible to be mis-understood.

Literally, we have our workbooks and education meetings available in both English & Spanish.

Workbook, not handbook:

We use your BenDoc Blueprint as the framework for a full, interactive, fill-in-the-blank style workbook that will help your employees fully understand their benefits and see the value in them like never before. This is the first year they will go home and tell their spouse or significant other about their benefits instead of handing them a giant folder and telling them to “figure it out.”


Cutting edge tech + our trained advisors

We have all the same HRIS enrollment platforms that any large brokerage house has access to. The difference is how we use them to make your job easier and best serve your employees. We do what is best for your employees, not what is easiest.

And of course, regardless of what technology is used to enroll, we build the enrollment process to follow the exact process in which the employees were educated.

1st – Foundation – Paycheck Protection

2nd – Walls – Dental, Vision, everyday stuff

3rd – Roof – Major Medical


Single Support Hub

Go figure, we do Service a little differently as well. Our B.O.S.S. (Back Office Sales Support) Team is appropriately named. They are the BOSS at making things happen for you, your employees and our own brokers.

We eliminated the traditional model:

broker sales. you hands you off to an account manager > account manager has so many clients. they deal with that things often go unnoticed or simply fall through the cracks.

Our model:

BenDoc Broker + BOSS Team + You = Best possible experience for your employees

We partner with you to ensure your expectations are exceeded and the needs of your employees are met. We do this same level of service year-round. All year. For every new-hire.

If you want a broker that you only hear from when it’s renewal time – we are not going to be the right fit.


Welcome to The Benefit Doctor family

Working together we will create meaningful change not just for your employees and your bottom line, but for the healthcare industry as a whole.

Our vision is bold, our mission clear – to empower you to save both time and money while building health plans that most don’t know are possible. 

Our audacious goal? To help employers and employees save a staggering $1 BILLION in healthcare spending through our proven 5-step treatment protocol. We’ve witnessed firsthand the transformational impact of our approach, and now, it’s your turn.

Healthcare in our country is broken.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  You hold the power to choose between perpetuating problems by doing the same thing the same way or pioneering solutions by refusing to accept the status quo. The Benefit Doctor stands beside you, ready to guide, support, and build a better tomorrow.

Transparent Compensation and Guarantee

No hidden fees, no smoke and mirrors – just transparency at its finest. We outline our pricing and compensation model upfront, so you know exactly what you’re getting and paying for. We’re so confident in our solutions that we guarantee hitting agreed-upon metrics. Miss the mark? Our retainer’s on us. Because, after all, you deserve results, not empty promises.

Ready to discover how we can help you as we’ve helped countless others? Schedule a free, no-obligation Zoom call with our team here.

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