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A poem.  Because it’s fun.

In the wake of healthcare reform, a seed was sown,
A vision where The Benefit Doctor was known.
With the Affordable Care Act’s dawn in twenty-ten,
A mission began, not a question of if, but when.

Small businesses faced a growing dismay,
As healthcare costs soared in an unwelcome way.
“BenDoc Strategies” came to life, a pioneering plea,
A quest to save, to set the financial burden free.

Yet a roadblock loomed, large and stark,
The ‘old-school’ brokerage model, keeping the industry in the dark.
Profits tied to premiums, an endless, rising stream,
A vicious cycle, against the saving dream.

By twenty-twenty, the truth was crystal clear,
A change was needed, the path ahead was sheer.
On the first of January, twenty-twenty-one,
The Benefit Doctor’s journey had officially begun.

Visionaries united, a disruptive force,
Now over fifty strong, on a transformative course.
Spanning forty states, a team both bold and vast,
Saving millions in healthcare, moving fast.

Our aim, ambitious, to save a billion and more,
For businesses and staff, opening a new door.
Offering benefits that far surpass the norm,
In a partnership thriving, a new standard forms.

No mystery in our method, no magical feat,
Just common sense, where success and savings meet.
A compensation model, where your gain is ours,
A symbiotic growth, harnessing collective powers.

Curing the pain of benefits, more than just a phrase,
It’s our passion, our promise, guiding all our ways.

Our Mission and Values

At The Benefit Doctor, we’re more than just brokers – we’re Benefit Doctors!


Our vision is to revolutionize the employee benefits landscape across the nation, eliminating the complexities of benefits management for small businesses. At The Benefit Doctor, we challenge the status quo with innovative benefit design and how they are BUILT, comprehensive EDUCATION on options, streamlined ENROLLMENT processes, and relentless SUPPORT. We are dedicated to establishing new benchmarks in broker performance and delivering unparalleled satisfaction in the benefits experience for employers and employees alike.


Step 1: Save our clients millions in healthcare costs, pairing these savings with ‘best in class’ benefits, setting a new standard for value and care.

Step 2: Elevate our savings impact to hundreds of millions of dollars, boosting satisfaction scores along the way, demonstrating the tangible benefits of our approach.

Step 3: Achieve a landmark $1 billion in client savings, creating a shift in the industry that compels traditional brokers to evolve or be left behind.


At The Benefit Doctor, we are driven by four core values that shape every aspect of our work and culture. These guiding principles are not just words to us; they are commitments we live by every day.


We intentionally practice gratitude each week within our team huddle meeting. We create time to reflect on our fortunate circumstances to live in a country filled with opportunities, be surrounded by friends and family, engaged in meaningful work, and part of a team committed to making a significant impact. This practice keeps us grounded and reminds us of the broader purpose behind our mission.


We embrace the vast abundance of opportunities that surround us, sharing our strategies, ideas, and some of our most valuable insights freely on platforms like YouTube. Our goal is to elevate the entire industry, ensuring that even those who aren't our clients have access to a broker capable of delivering the high level of service and strategic results we champion.


Our definition of success is built on the foundation of excellence. We accept nothing less than the best from our leadership, brokers, support staff, vendors, and even our clients. This pursuit of excellence is what sets us apart, driving us to achieve remarkable outcomes and reject mediocrity at every turn.

Client Dedication

obsession (2)

Inspired by the work of Joey Coleman and his influential book, Never Lose a Customer Again, our dedication to our clients is unwavering. We are committed to creating an exceptional client experience and customer journey, leveraging decades of experience to not just win clients but to keep them for the long haul. While many agencies tout their customer service, we prefer to let the satisfaction and loyalty of our clients speak for us.

meet the team

Get to know The Benefit Doctor team – a passionate team committed to transforming benefits. From our skilled brokers who craft tailored strategies, to our dedicated BOSS team providing unwavering support, each team member plays a crucial role in your benefits journey. We’re here to ensure your experience is not just exceptional, but truly transformative.

Zak Harlow I Founder & CEO

Tucson, AZ

Curing pain since 2006

After 16 years building some of the largest insurance sales teams in the USA for carriers I was left feeling empty. I was so tired of pushing products that “filled gaps” but the gap had become larger than the Grand Canyon.

I spent nearly 2 decades working with brokers to use our products in their health plan design and strategy. The #1 lesson I learned?

Most are not creative. Most are not strategic. Most are excellent at spreadsheets and getting an annual pay raise from the ever-increasing premium costs they pass along to their clients.

The very short story is we took a huge gamble in 2019 and spent the next 2 years laying the foundation for what became The Benefit Doctor. Today we have more than 50 team members, serve businesses in 42 states and have saved our clients millions of dollars in healthcare spend.

We exist today simply to Cure the Pain of Employee Benefits.

Why Choose The Benefit Doctor:

Are you kidding? Why not?

  1. We’re fun
  2. We’re different
  3. CRAZY focused on driving
  4. results and helping you & your employees
  5. Client after client has already told you their story working with us… when is it your turn?

Still not convinced? Here’s the Top 10 Reasons to NOT work with us…

Top 10 Hilarious Reasons You Might Not Want to Work with The Benefit Doctor:

You're in Love with Wasting Money: If you have a deep affection for throwing money down the drain, we're here to break your heart. We're all about saving you serious cash while still delivering top-notch benefits. Sorry, not sorry

You're a Diehard Fan of Unnecessary Complications: If you think life is incomplete without a touch of unnecessary complexity, we might not be your jam. We're all about simplifying, streamlining, and making things smoother than a freshly buttered pancake.

You Enjoy Boring Open Enrollment Meetings: Yeah, we are going to ruin this one completely for you. No more naps or Tik-Tok during open enrollment meetings. You’ll be too focused on what’s happening in the front of the room to stare at that phone screen.

You're a Fan of Mysterious Disappearances: If you're secretly hoping your broker will vanish into thin air after setting up your benefits, we're here to ruin the magic trick. We stick around like your favorite sitcom character, ready to assist whenever you need us.

You're Convinced Jargon is the New English: If you think communicating in a tangled web of acronyms and insurance jargon makes you sound sophisticated, we might not see eye to eye. We speak the language of real people, where benefits make sense and explanations are crystal clear.

You Love Surprises (the Bad Kind): If you live for unexpected curveballs and thrive on the element of surprise (especially when it comes to your benefits plan), we might not be your cup of tea. We like data, known metrics, and having an actual strategy to keep things a bit more predictable. That's more our style.

You Have an Unexplainable Admiration for Rising Premiums: If you believe insurance premiums should rise like the morning sun, we're here to burst your bubble. We're all about bringing those costs down to earth, where they belong.

You Prefer Communicating via Carrier Pigeon: Ok, maybe not actual carrier pigeon but if you love doing things super old school, paper apps, chasing employees for signatures and endless manual data entry, we might not be on the same page. We kinda like technology and use it to make the entire process SO. MUCH. EASIER.

You Love Long, Boring Meetings: If you find joy in marathon meetings that rival the length of a "Lord of the Rings" movie, we might disappoint you. Our meetings are efficient, effective, and designed to leave you with more time for, you know, actual work.

You're Obsessed with Confusing Spreadsheets: If you can't sleep without a bedtime spreadsheet, we might not be the right fit. We're all about clarity & simplicity, not spreadsheet nightmares.

Remember, this list is all in good fun! We’re here to make your benefits experience extraordinary, even if you secretly love confusing spreadsheets and carrier pigeons. So, if you’re ready to ditch the drama and embrace the benefits revolution, we’re here to welcome you with open arms (and a spreadsheet-free zone).


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